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The Right Angle Rifle Support is a product of Turn-Key Tactical Solutions, LLC. The Right Angle Rifle Support was invented by International Trainer and 3-Gun Competitive Shooter, Richard R. Porter, of York, SC. The  Right Angle is made in Charlotte, North Carolina by CNC Warriors, LLC.


The Right Angle Rifle Support is used on or against barricades and stage props, or in a deer stands for steadying the rifle for more accurate shots. The pivoting ball and foot plate design allows the Right Angle Rifle Support to bridge the gap between a bi-pods and mono-pods by giving greater stability and positioning for accuracy. The RIght Angle Rifle Support can be placed on practically any surface allowing the scope reticle to remain vertical on the rifle allowing for the most accurate shot placement.


The Right Angle Rifle Support is lighter weight, more compact and more versatile than most bi-pods. The pivoting ball encourages smooth and controlled target acquisition both vertically and horizontally. Equally smooth action exists throughout the 360° pan and approximately 35° of tilt in every direction.This cost effective device is less expensive than most bi-pods. With a low profile design, approximately 2" below the hand guard, it assists in minimizing your exposure behind barriers used for cover.


The Right Angle Rifle Support is made with all stainless steel and aluminium construction and polymer bearings which provide low maintenance and is corrosion resistant. The precise tension adjustment sets the resistance from totally loose to near lock-down tight. Resistance settings can be locked in place by the smaller knurled jam nut.A standard Picatinny rail clamp allows The Right Angle Rifle Support to attach to most popular firearms. Additional foot plates to fit your individual needs are available.


So whether you're in law enforcement, military, a competitive shooter, or a hunter, the Right Angle Rifle Support is the newest essential for your rifle.

Richard R. Porter

Richard Porter retired from the police force after serving 30 years in Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. He held various positions in the department, including 12 years as Team Leader and Trainer for the Emergency Response Team.


Richard has 42 years of competitive shooting experience, and has competed, organized, and managed SWAT and Three-Gun competitions at local, national, and international levels. Porter is actively involved in training Law Enforcement and Military personnel around the world, and is the owner/operator of US National Swat and Sniper Championships and Turn-Key Tactical Solutions.

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