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Design Specifications

Parts Description


#1 Attachment Knob: 

Allows you to open the mouth the Picatinny Rail Clamp to fit on any firearm that has Picatinny rails. 


#2 Picatinny Rail Clamp: 

Clamps to any firearm equipped with a Picatinny Rail and is secured in place by the Attachment Knob.


#3 Tension Adjustment Knob: 

Allows you to adjust the tension on the pivoting ball inside the Housing Unit to restrict the movement or allow less restrictive movement.


#4 Tension Adjustment Knob Locking Ring:

Locks the Tension Adjust Knob in place on the desired tension is established.


#5 Housing for Pivoting Ball:

The unit which houses the Pivoting Ball.


#6 Shaft and Pivoting Ball:

The Pivoting Ball located between the Housing unit and the Base Plate allows the Pivoting Ball to rotate 360° on the base plate.


#7 Interchangeable Base Plate:

The 360° Stabilizer has several base plates: Hunter Model-curved base plate and Competition Model-flat base plate with right angle.  The plates vary in size length, width and thickness allowing the device to be used on firearms for stability and position for accuracy.

Base Plates

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